Discover the world’s best solution for one-sided hearing loss

Phonak CROS can be a satisfying solution for you, if you have hearing in one ear only, regardless of whether you have a hearing loss in this ear or not.

  • Real Ear Sound: Simulating natural ear acoustics. The sound from the Phonak CROS Transmitter is simulated to have traveled through the whole ear and ear canal.
  • SoundFlow: Adapting to changing environments. Enjoy real time and automatic optimization to changing environments.
  • Signal alerts: Full confidence. Be alert to an unlikely event of a connection interruption or low battery of your Phonak CROS Transmitter.
  • QuickSync: One-touch synchronization. Synchronizes volume or program settings with one touch either on the Phonak CROS Transmitter or hearing aid


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Phonak CROS


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Designed for users with a unilateral hearing loss the Phonak CROS is the smallest wireless CROS system on the market. Available in a BTE or an ITE Phonak CROS transmits sound from the dead ear over to the good ear using our unique wireless technology. Phonak CROS can be configured as a CROS or Bi-Cros dependent on the clients requirements. Phonak CROS are available in a number of colours to match skin tones and lifestyle.


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