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Now with SoundRecover, Certéna Art is a hearing system you can have great confidence in. Certéna Art employs the same industry benchmark feedback cancellation system, WhistleBlock Technology, as other CORE platform products

General Features

The Phonak Certena Art has now been superseded by the Phonak Cassia

The Phonak Certéna Art is the 3rd level down in terms of Phonak technology. For such a relatively low cost hearing instrument it packs many features that are only available in more expensive hearing systems. It is based on Phonak’s CORE sound processor. The Certéna Art is available in all sizes from CIC to power BTE. If you’re looking for a receiver-in-the-ear version then consider the Audeo S 3.

Certéna Art fitting range

The Certéna Art fitting range covers mild to profound hearing losses, regardless of audiometric configurations.

Phonak Certéna Art


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