The story began with our company’s founder and Managing Director, Mr. B.Y. Chong. As an accomplished graduate of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in the United Kingdom, Mr. Chong had been working for several multinational corporations before joining Bank Negara Malaysia.

His second son was diagnosed with profound hearing loss at an early age due to a complicated surgery. During this time, the treatment of hearing loss was a relatively new topic in Malaysia and there were not many clinics or doctors that could provide a solution to his child’s problem. To make matters worst, his eldest and third sons were soon diagnosed with similar problems.

Mr. Chong experienced at first hand the stress and frustrations associated with hearing loss, and the lack of treatment thereof. The undying love and compassion for his children gave him the inspirations and impetus to embark on a journey of the unknown. He soon dedicated his entire life to researching and discovering the technologies and methodologies that existed at the time that could provide a solution to his impending issues. This led him to travel to many countries including Australia, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and much more in search of the proven techniques available.

His lifelong obsession with this topic turned him into a major advocate for raising awareness about hearing loss, its prevention, and care and helping hearing-impaired people hear again. Mr. Chong left his prestigious job with Bank Negara Malaysia and became one of the pioneers of Hearing Healthcare practitioners in Malaysia, establishing Newsound Hearing Healthcare in the year 1999.

And it didn’t stop there. Time-willingly, Mr. Chong convinced and sent both of his daughters to the United States to further their studies in the fields of audiometry and audiology. Today both of them have graduated as experts and have been practicing as specialists. His oldest daughter, Miss Jenny Chong returned to Malaysia, bringing back with her, her tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge from the United States. Jenny is a member of the International Hearing Society and an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss..

Jenny joined the company in the year 2008 and shares the same vision as her father. Together, they have helped restore the hearing of numerous patients from all walks of lives: old and young; rich and poor. Mr. Chong and Jenny’s passion for helping people has seen them tirelessly dedicating their entire lives to improving the lives of others.


We are constantly working with industry leaders like Siemens, Oticon and Phonak to provide the best hearing aid technologies available. Unlike most other hearing aid clinics in Malaysia, we are a multi-brand provider and endeavor to serve your interest at heart.

When you walk into a Newsound Hearing clinic, be assured that you will receive the best professional health care services together with our personal warmth and care. We know what it’s like to have a hearing-impaired person in the family. So we can share with you, our entire experiences from diagnosis, prescription, fitting and rehabilitation process.

Sound is Life!, and it is our mission to help those with hearing problems, overcome their difficulties.”

Mr BY Chong
Founder & Chairman
Member of International Hearing Society
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